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Meet Munira!

You really can make a big name for yourself and welcome the rewards you seek … premium clients, speaking gigs, media opportunities, and CONTROL OVER YOUR DESTINY.

Since 2001, I’ve guided thousands of action taking clients around the globe like you to take powerful steps to Get Known and Paid for their expertise. Along the way, I have created big buzz for my own expertise and built a profitable training/mentoring business and a great quality of life.

If you want to achieve these or even better results, saving months or years of time, toil, and trouble, I can help light your way.

You won’t get lost in the crowd working with me because of this simple PROFOUND and abiding belief:

There is no greater gift than to see, hear, celebrate, help, and champion big success for those willing to roll up their sleeves to do the work. This philosophy underscores every move I make in service to action-taking clients on missions for good and profit.


  • BEFORE publishing 400+ podcast episodes & 400+ YouTube videos…

  • BEFORE being asked to speak on stages and podcasts... 

  • BEFORE publishing an Amazon Best Seller…


  • BEFORE publishing 400+ podcast episodes & 400+ YouTube videos…

  • The Niche Navigator Dr. Munira Zahabi helps entrepreneurs give their businesses a voice. She combines her years of experience in corporate business management experience, public relations, and marketing strategies honed since 2010, and being an accountability partner to clients empowering and sustainable gear of performance and profits. In addition to being an Amazon #1 best-selling author and a consistent content creator, Munira speaks on podcasts and virtual stages each year. Her Give Your Business a Voice Facebook group is among her favorite ways to connect with new action-takers who can soon become her best clients and newest success stories. Join right here!

  • BEFORE publishing an Amazon Best Seller…

I was ....

A Devoted Wife

A Mother and Grandmother

 A Consultant

Back in 2014...

I was a tired caretaker of a husband who had multiple health issues.. 

I was laid off my dream job....

I tried my hands at other corporate jobs that were not fulfilling me anymore.

So there I was...

Frustrated and tired ....

Soaking in all of the influencers like John Maxwell, Bob Proctor and Tony Robbins to name a few on a new platform ...podcasts!!!

  • I had my unique experiences 

  • If they can do it I can to!!! 

    AND I DID!!

I began my journey of talking to people that fascinated me!!

Thus Munira's Musings was created!

Now, I help entrepreneurs– Give their Business a Voice!

As The Niche Navigator I know what it’s like to try new things and put yourself out there. Sometimes things work.Sometimes they don’t.

I don’t know what I’m doing,” was a phrase I played on repeat for many years. I’ve been all too familiar with feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.

So if you’re an entrepreneur who has ever felt like…

You are lost and overwhelmed trying to figure out a marketing strategy....
You need a plan to help you figure out what marketing strategy to create next....
You are confused about why you’re audience isn’t growing....
You know you are not connecting with your audience, but you’re not sure how to fix....

You need an optimistic cheerleader and a strategist “who’s been there” to help you breathe *LIFE* into your content. 

You need an optimistic cheerleader and content-obsessed strategist “who’s been there” to help you breathe *LIFE* into your content. 

Whether it’s collaborating together for an hour, 5 sessions, or hiring me to help you put you on a podcast– I have many options for us to work together to grow your business and serve your audience with confidence…


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MUNIRA ZAHABI - CEO AKA The Niche Navigator

Born in Nairobi, and lived in Tanzania, I grew up seeing my parents and family members nurse a scarcity mindset and a belief system that left them behind in all decision making. My family members struggled and lacked the freedom to make their dreams a reality. 

I wanted something for myself and has set my sails to navigating to achieving it. 

Having moved to the USA as an immigrant, and worked in the corporate world, I have excelled in the field of sales and sales podcaster-ship.

Today, my motivation is the same as it was when I was a child bride. It is to live a life of choice and help others live their version of freedom as well.

That’s why I am known as The Niche Navigator.

My mission in life is to to help people eliminate their internal road blocks and transform their self-image, so that they can achieve the goals, lifestyles, and relationships, of their dreams.

I am the host of Munira's Musings – , the and the Author of The Philosophy of Niche Principles, Podcast with Purpose, Nail your Niche.

I have helped entrepreneurs believe in themselves, move forward from a broken relationship, improve relationships, navigate them to their niche, and start their own business and make dreams a reality and give their business a voice!

Helping people realize what they are capable of, and setting free from the invisible shackles is in what I do best!

I am a coach that will always see more in others than they see in themselves. Best of all , I have an inapt ability to show people just how amazing and great they actually 


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Daniel Kwak

The Kwak Brothers

Daniel Kwak

The Kwak Brothers

Daniel Kwak

The Kwak Brothers

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